Symptom Checklist


Symptom Checklist Download

This is an extremely simplified and useful symptom checklist template for accurately recording symptomatic reactions and their food-borne triggers. This chart is designed for easily readable records by patients and medical professionals both.

The Symptom Checklist Graphs Accurately Record “When and Why”

Symptoms are listed in a generalized order of occurrence and severity. Foods are listed vertically by nutritional inclusion and importance. Simple check marks indicate when an allergic reaction happens according to body function affected and foods suspect as the cause. This is a nearly comprehensive free basic chart to trace allergies based on food consumption useful in any medical or professional nutritional testing environment. With a simple download, this symptom checklist will add clarity and specificity to allergy testing and diagnosis.

This symptoms and food chart is designed for use with Excel and Microsoft Office functions and can be easily used with standard Microsoft keyboard commands. It is a straightforward graph to cross-reference symptom occurrences with foods consumed that be sized for desired paper widths. This type of chart can be very helpful when diagnosing allergies and nutritional programs specifically designed to combat personal health problems.

Anyone Can Use the Symptom Checklist

The chart is easily downloaded and saved with common file-saving procedures. The difference between this food allergy chart and others is that this download is completely free. It also works with most system processing platforms without any manipulation or system customizing. The need for a universal allergy record chart is more common that most people think. Here is a free and easy-to-use chart that can be navigated within a matter of minutes for assistance with professional medical diagnoses and recommendations.

In short, this allergy symptom checklist is designed to provide a way for laymen to accurately record and outline their individual food reactions. This is especially helpful during doctors exams, hospital tests and when designing personalized food programs from home. This free and universal chart is a great way to simplify regular and routine check-ups, as well as evaluating at-home food programs that need to be changed according to ongoing physiological suggestions and monitored reactions to daily dietary composition.

Download: Symptom Checklist