Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

Another helpful tool for teachers to use, the free Substitute Teacher Feedback Form is a template that you can provide substitutes a chance to give you feedback on your students so you can work accordingly. The template gives them a ton of helpful spaces to list absences, tardiness, and overall behavior so you know exactly what happened when you come back. You can then choose to reward or punish behavior that you see in the report. To try the free template today, just follow the link at the bottom of this page and read the guide below.

Downloading and Using the Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

After following the link at the bottom of this page and downloading the template to your computer, you can start to enter your own information.
Start by browsing the items that are already given and make sure they cover what you need.

This template covers most everything but you can always add or change something by writing it in. After you finish going over the template, print the document by select “File” then “Print” from the Home Ribbon.

Now, when your substitute comes to fill in your shoes for a while, they can enter items like behavior, noise level, absences, issues and concerns, other information, as well as leaving a few comments for you at the bottom of the sheet.

You can see how helpful a tool like this can be for your classroom. You will receive a first-hand account of your classroom’s behavior while you are away. Using this, you can see which students struggle to pay attention with substitutes.

So what are you waiting for? This template is free, simple, and easy to customize to fit your own classroom structure. Download the free template by clicking the link below.

Download: Substitute Teacher Feedback Form