Student of the Month Template


Screenshot of the Student of the Month Template

This Student of the Month Template that you can download here is easy to use and can save you time if you plan on building one from scratch. You can customize it to your school and use it any way you want. Here is some information on how to use it and a few tips so that you can get a little more out of it.

How to Use the Student of the Month Template

When you open the file that you download, it should be executed in any software that is compatible with PowerPoint 2003. The first bit of information for you to change is the School Name to the school that will be presenting the award. Below, you can change Student Name to the recipient of the award. The date just below that can be changed to the day you plan on giving the award out.

The last bit of information to change is the spot that says Presenter Name and Title should be changed to the name of who will be presenting the award and what there title in the school is. You can now use this Student of the Month Template, but if you read on you, can customize this document even further to better represent your school.

Tips on Using the Student of the Month Template

Make sure that you save a copy of this document so you can use it in the future. It can save you the time of trying to make one yourself from scratch. If you have a picture of the school mascot available digitally, you can quickly add it to somewhere on the document to make it a little more personalized. It would be a nice addition to add a digital photo of the recipient to the award so when they get older they can look back at what they looked like at the time.

If you would like to change the background graphics as well, this would not be hard to do if you can find something that you like at the right size. Laminating this document after you print it will make it last much longer and make it look much more professional.

The Student of the Month Template available here for download is simple to use and you can make it work for your own school. The children will love their award and the attention they get for their achievements.

Download: Student of the Month Template