Student Flyer Template


If you are a student, then you know how effective flyers can be. You see them all over campus. It is easy to get a quick rundown of all the things that are going on around campus, even while walking from class to class. Using flyers gets the word out there quickly, easily and inexpensively. Did you know that printed words have more credibility, and therefore more power when getting you message out there? If you want a quick and free way to design a flyer for your important event or message, read on. You will get a free student template flyer, which you can download right on this page. The student flyer template is totally customizable.

How to Format and Use the Student Flyer Template

  • Download the student flyer template. Next, fill in all of the customizable fields thoroughly. Don’t forget to include important information such as dates, times, telephone numbers, physical addresses, directions, websites, email addresses, important facts, and calls to action. Save your work.
  • Choose a specialized student template template. You can choose different colors and make your titles stand out with large letters. It helps catch someone’s eye from a distance, which is where most of your viewers will be when they see your flyer. Save your work.
  • Save your work frequently. An entire afternoon of work can be wiped out with one computer glitch. Save it somewhere that be found easily. Open your saved work from time to time to make sure it is being saved properly.

Tips for Using the Student Flyer Template

  • Print one copy first. Tack it up and walk away, making sure it is readable at a distance. Once you are satisfied, get it approved by your campus.
  • Print your flyer using good quality or thick paper. This will help it survive the weather and keep your message out there longer.
  • Place in high-traffic areas or where your target audience hangs out.
  • Place at or near eye level.
  • Keep extra copies to hand out in class or to your friends.

Having a good student flyer template that is free, easy to use and totally customizable will save you a lot of work. Once you download and save the template, you can use it over and over for all of your on-campus marketing efforts.

Download: Student Flyer Template