Student Birthday Certificate Template

Student Birthday Certificate Template

As the school year unfolds you will have the opportunity to acknowledge students on their birthday. The Student Birthday Certificate Template is a great way to celebrate your students’ special day. Our template comes ready to use and is also easy to customize.

How to use the Student Birthday Certificate Template

Download the template, open in Microsoft Word, click “Save As” and save the template to your computer. Once opened, you will see there are 2 certificates per page. There are 2 pages with 4 border color options. You can print these out as is and keep them on hand to fill out as birthdays approach. You can also type the student name directly into each certificate and have them ready ahead of time.

Customizing the Birthday Certificate Template

If there are any changes you want to make to the template, we’ve made that super simple! To update the birthday graphic, simply right-click on it and choose the option “Change Picture.” This will allow you to select another image on your computer to replace it with. You can also edit the fonts and colors to match your school colors or any other theme you want. The Student Birthday Certificate Template is free, easy to update, and will give your students the special recognition that comes with celebrating birthdays!

Download: Student Birthday Certificate Template

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