Student Award Template


An Easy to Use Student Award Certificate Template

Available for download is a Student Award Template that is easy to use and can be customized any way you like. It has a simple theme that can be built on to make a more personal award. Here are some step-by-step instructions on using the template and then some tips to help you customize it even further.

How to Use the Student Award Template

The Student Award Template will open in any PowerPoint 2003 compatible software. There are really only two steps to making this document be ready for use. First, you change the area that states “Click to add title” and change it to the name of the individual receiving the award. In the “Click to add subtitle” field, you can enter a short description of what the award was given for and why this student deserved to receive it.

After those two steps your award should be ready to use, but if you want to add a little more to the award to personalize it, read on.

Tips on Using the Student Award Template

Make sure you save this template on your computer for future use. It will save you time in the future from trying to make this award yourself. If you would like to add the school’s logo to the document you can easily do that if you have a digital copy of it handy. A picture of the student could also be added to the award to make it really stand out and add sentimental value in the future. You could even change the type of award it is by changing out the simple Award Certificate at the top to something that fits that occasion that you are wanting to present the award for.

After you have made your customizations, print the document out. If you laminate the document it will last longer and look professionally done. Make this award something the recipient will remember.

The Student Award Template is a very easy to use item and it is available here for download. After you have customized it to your liking and put all the final touches on it, it will be ready for the awards ceremony. Enjoy the time you save trying to create this beautiful award from scratch.

Download: Student Award Template