Student Assignment Planner


Free Student Assignment Planner

The educational field is becoming more and more competitive every year. Today’s top students compete for scholarships and rewards. Sometimes, one minute detail or assignment can be the difference between success and failure. Likewise, today’s classroom is becoming ever-increasingly complex. Online elements and technological tools can lead to a number of problems for students. In order to meet the demands of the educational climate today a student needs to be organized.

Using a Student Assignment Planner will increase a student’s organization and allow the student to be more successful in school. With so many things to juggle, it is inevitable a student will forget a class assignment or homework. If a student writes assignments down in a planner, he/she is much more likely to remember. Using a Student Assignment Planner will allow the student to utilize time more efficiently because the student can see which days may be extremely busy, and which days might allow for catching up on other things.

How to Use a Student Assignment Planner

  • First, download the free Student Assignment Planner or print it out. If you have access to a computer at school it will be fine to keep an electronic copy, but if not, make sure you print out a copy for each month.
  • Next, write the month at the top of the planner, and fill in the days of the month. The template is very easy to customize so make sure the dates are filled in correctly! Incorrect dates could lead to massive mistakes.
  • After that, fill in any holidays or alternate schedule days. Knowing when these are ahead of time will allow the student to plan ahead for free time, or time that may not be available.
  • Then, it is very easy to fill in the information on the planner. Write assignment details on the date they are due. Include reminders about tests and other big projects.

Tips for a More Effective Student Planner

  • Write your class schedule out on one of the margins or empty spaces. Include times that classes start and finish. Just having this around as a reminder will be helpful.
  • Include teacher contact information on the planner in empty spaces if it is available. It always helps to have it on hand.
  • Try using different color pens/pencils for each class. Color coding assignments will help the student more clearly identify which assignment is for which class if the schedule gets full.
  • Carry the student assignment planner around to every single class. Keep it at all times. That way, nothing is forgotten because it was somewhere else.

Having a Student Assignment Planner will allow a student to clearly identify when assignments are due. There will be no more mistakes due to lack of knowing when something is to be turned in. Organization is a key to any student’s success.

Download: Student Assignment Planner