Status Report Template


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The job market is becoming more competitive than ever. Employees are expected to produce more with less. Due to downsizing, layoffs and increasing competition, it is imperative for any employee or business owner to be organized and efficient just to survive. Use the free Status Report Template to keep up.

The human mind can only keep track of so many things at one time. Use the downloadable Status Report Template to keep an ongoing record that grows with you and keeps track of all the little details easily.

Why Use the Project Status Report Template?

The template allows for fast, easy communication between all involved parties. Because it is customizable, it can quickly be used for tracking progress on any number of projects. That saves time which equals money.

How to Use the Project Status Report Template

  • First, create email groups. This allows you to send the update to everyone at once with minimal typing.
  • Second, gather all of your notes, invoices, projections, and goals for all ongoing and recently completed projects.
  • Third, download and save the template. Enter your projects. Do one file for recently completed projects and save it. Do another for projects currently working. Each time a project is completed, move it to the completed file.

Tips for Using the Project Status Report Template

  • First, think of the project status report template and all of the data compiled as a form of your ongoing resume. It’s a great way to show management all of your accomplishments.
  • Second, keep detailed notes in the template on all current projects such as who is doing what, what is still left to be done, cost projections, contact numbers and so on. Each time a task is complete, note that in the template so time is not wasted revisiting the matter.
  • Third, be sure to send the routinely updated form to all involved parties. Copy it to yourself so there can be no miscommunication, especially if your project involves several people. Include a thank you or small note of acknowledgement in the updated template email for those who finish tasks to keep everyone positive and motivated.

In the modern business world, companies and employees need every edge they can get. Use the Status Report Template and get that edge. It affords the opportunity to not only keep up in the business world, but more importantly, to get ahead of the curve.

Download: Status Report Template