State Report Template


Screenshot of the State Report Template

An Easy-to-Use State Report Template

The State Report Template, for help making a PowerPoint, is available here for download and is easy to use. It leaves the state empty while giving you ideas of what information to cover so it is a template for all 50 states. Here is some information on how to use the template and a few tips to get more out of using it.

How to Use the State Report Template

The downloaded file should open in any PowerPoint 2003 compatible software. On the first page you see, enter the name of the state you are doing the report on, your name, and the date you are presenting the report entered into the areas that the maker of the template has set aside for each. The second page offers a spot to add picture of each the state bird, state flower and state tree. You should also enter the name of the state at the top as well.

The third page has an area to put the state flag and a spot you can put a couple of facts as well. The fourth page has areas to enter information about the state nickname and the fifth starts into the states history. Page six is left for more crucial information about the history. The eighth page has places to enter information about when the state became a state and who the first governor was followed by the next page where there are spaces left for information about the states government.

Page nine has a spot to put a current map and a tip about pointing out the state capitol. Population growth populates page ten followed by economical information on eleven. Page twelve will point out information about the weather. Thirteen will inform the audience about the natural resources while 14 continues the same. The last four slides talk about the places not to miss, people you may know that came from there, the state motto, and then leave you with the works cited page to end your presentation.

Tips on Using the State Report Template

You can move slides around in the State Report Template if you think that you would like to follow a different path then the one chosen for you. You can even take out or change slides completely if you feel they would talk more in the direction you are wanting to go. Do not feel locked into place by the template but use it to build your report and make it stand out in class.

The State Report Template is available here for download and will make an easy time of your next state report using PowerPoint. Use it to your advantage and enjoy the extra time you will have to practice it when it does not take quite so long to make.

Download: State Report Template