Staff Training Plan Template


Screenshot of the Staff Training Plan Template

To strengthen a business, the staff must improve. To improve the staff, training is required. Now how does one do the training? One accomplishes it one training session at a time, one person at a time. The staff training plan template for PowerPoint is designed to create a framework for the training sessions.

How to Use the Staff Training Plan Template

  • First, gather your teaching materials for the training. Divide the materials into appropriately sized sessions of no more than an hour or so. Then use the staff training plan template to create several titled sessions of PowerPoint in accordance with your divisions of training.
  • Second, input your material into the template for each titled session, saving frequently. Since the material took time to gather, saving frequently is a precaution to losing to much at once. Repeat for each session of training.
  • Third, train the staff one session at a time with your staff training presentations. Be sure to assign appropriate hands on training as well

Tips for Using the Staff Training Plan Template

  • First, remember to train your staff on a periodic basis to refresh senior staff in addition to teaching new members so that your staff does not become stale overall. As the staff goes, so also goes the business.
  • Second, after the initial rounds of training, periodically review and update the training material contained in the template sessions created. Use this periodic review to add and subtract from the material. Use the review also to identify new problems and solutions for your business. Be sure to keep untouched copy of the template for completely new courses of training as a result of review.
  • Third, invite feedback from your staff concerning the training courses. Did they find them useful or enriching? What would they suggest the trainer change? Consider including their suggestions in future training sessions.

Training your staff is an important aspect of strengthening your business. The task can seem overwhelming. However, broken down into smaller sessions, the task becomes much more manageable. The free staff training plan template for PowerPoint helps to streamline each smaller piece by helping to provide a structure.

Download: Staff Training Plan Template