Spring Event Flyer


Spring Event Flyer screenshot

This Spring, use a convenient Spring event flyer that has been specifically designed to evoke thoughts of Spring among your target audience to promote your event. The flyer can be easily customized by changing the sample text that appears when you load it. It is printable on any type of card stock or paper that will fit your printer. The Spring event flyer for Microsoft Publisher can be downloaded for free from this page by clicking the link.

How to use the Spring Event Flyer for Microsoft Publisher

  • Fill in the information that you desire in the name, date and description field.
  • If you would like to use a different color background, save a copy of the template using a different name and then open it and try out different background colors.
  • Print the flyer using your desired paper, card stock, and printer.

Tips for using the Spring Event Flyer for Microsoft Publisher

  • If you would like to personalize your flyer by adding client names to it, consider using Microsoft Publisher mail merge to create a list of clients and then merge the template with the list as you print it. You will also need to add a field to the template so that the personalized invitation will display properly. This can be done within Microsoft Publisher.
  • Consider using a coupon code or event code that you can add in the description field and ask people that plan to attend or respond to read back to you so that you can track how successful your mailing or distribution has been.
  • If you have extra space in the description because the event is self-explanatory, consider adding a map picture instead of a description in order to help potential guests find the address you are talking about. Alternatively, you can write driving directions out.
  • For a professional touch, add your company or personal logo picture to the text that you enter below in the ‘sponsored by’ box. This can be done by adding and positioning your logo image from within Microsoft Publisher.

The Spring Event Flyer template for Microsoft Publisher requires Microsoft Publisher version 7.0 or above.

Download: Spring Event Flyer