Small Business Calendar


A great way for a business to maintain organization and keep track of important events is to invest in a small business calendar. This Excel template is an excellent tool to design and personalize a small business calendar. The template is a 12-month (Sunday through Saturday) calendar wizard that automatically sets the dates in for you.

By simply entering in the year of your choice, the dates will be correctly placed within the months of January through December. The template has a separate tab for each month. For each month, you can add your company logo, contact information and different photographs. There’s even a place to add miscellaneous notes.

How to Use the Small Business Calendar Template

The Small Business Calendar template is free to use on this page. Download the template from right here on the site. It is completely customizable in Excel and easy to use. The template does the majority of the work for you. All you have to do is put in the year, the company info, your events for each month and any notes you may have. You can always go back and make changes.

As a guide, here are some steps to follow:

  • Enter in the year you want for your small business calendar.
  • Put your logo on the top of the calendar (optional).
  • Fill in the company name at the right side of the template along with the address, phone number, fax and website. You may also want to include the company’s e-mail address.
  • Select or upload the pictures to prefer for each month.
  • Type in events or tasks on the specific day of your choice and add any notes in the section provided after the last day of each month.

Tips for Using the Small Business Calendar Template Excel Document

  • Each month ought to have the company logo and contact information on it.
  • Each month can have unique photos that are only chosen for that particular month.
  • As you click on each tab, save the customized changes that you make.
  • Consider designing two calendars if you are currently in the middle of the year. For instance, you can have a calendar for 2013 and 2014.

Download: Small Business Calendar