Single Elimination Bracket Sheet

Single Elimination Bracket Sheet

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to organize your teams for March Madness the Elimination Bracket Sheet is the perfect tool for any fan. The simple bracket document is as straightforward and simple to use as possible. Just choose the number of teams you want to track in your tournament. Download the free Bracket Sheet by clicking the link below to get started.

How to Use the Single Elimination Bracket Sheet

The first step will be to decide how many teams you want to use in your tournament.

Once you’ve picked the number of teams you want to use, simply click on that number from the list located on the “Instructions” tab. These numbers will be highlighted in blue and will direct you to the appropriate page. If the number you need is not displayed, simply choose the closest option rounded up.

When you’re playing with a seeded tournament, simply place the name of your team in the corresponding seed number. If the tournament is not seeded, simply click the “No” option and place your teams in the slots at random.

In case that you have any open positions at the start of your tournament, simply enter “BYE” as the team name. Entering this in a column will automatically drop it into the losing brackets after each game.

You can choose to conduct your games in the order that you originally numbered them or simply select “No” from the drop-down many to hide game numbers entirely.

It’s important to keep your document properly updated with current information, so after you enjoy each thrilling game, always change the information on your template accordingly to match.

Top 3 Features of the Single Elimination Bracket Sheet

  • Convenient navigational buttons
  • All your information is on one document
  • Allows for seeded or unseeded tournaments

Download: Single Elimination Bracket Sheet