Simple Holiday Invitation

Simple Holiday Invitation

The Simple Holiday Invitation template is a great tool to use for the upcoming season of giving. Not only is this template free but it’s also easily customized to fit your exact needs. Whether you’re throwing an amazing party or an elegant soirée, this template has everything you need to write down all of the important details and information and send out a fun invitation with no hassle on your part. Give someone the gift of the holiday spirit this year by downloading this free template today!

Simple Holiday Invitation Guide

After you have successfully downloaded the free file by clicking on the link below, you’ll be free to start editing the document to suit your unique personality.
The title at the top of your screen says “Merry Christmas”, to give you an example. However, you can change this to any title you want. Simply highlight the text and start typing your new title!

The next section, after the line break, is where you will enter the specific details of your event or party. You want to give a brief summary of the event at first, so the reader knows what to expect, and then follow this up by writing anything that the person needs to know. You can list various items, such as: items to bring, attire, themes, and much more.

After you have finished writing all the details to your event, leave a space at the bottom for a friendly sign off, such as “Happy Holidays”. This will complete the look and feel of your personalized invitation.

Once everything is complete, print the document and mail them out to all your friends and family. Invitations don’t have to be complicated, and this creative template proves that point!

Reasons to Use the Simple Holiday Invitation Template

  • Easily customizable
  • Formatted to print quickly and easily
  • Festive holiday images included

Invite everyone you know and love with these holiday invitations!

Download: Simple Holiday Invitation