Simple Holiday Invitation Sheet

Simple Holiday Invitation Sheet

Do you always find yourself shopping at the last minute for invitations to your holiday parties? Invitations set the mood for the entire event, so you need the perfect one to match your great party plans. You can have that ideal invitation with the Simple Holiday Invitation Sheet! Nothing is better suited for your party than an invitation you can customize yourself, and this template gives you that opportunity. Blow your guests away by making an invitation perfectly tailored to your party or event during the holidays!

How to Use the Simple Holiday Invitation Sheet

After you have successfully downloaded the free file by clicking on the link below, you’ll be free to start editing the document to fit your event.
The next step is to create a great title that informs your loved ones about your event. Make sure it’s something that also matches the holiday you’re celebrating; this will make the card look more professional and creative!

The space below the title is intended for you to enter: a short message, what the event is for, the date, the time, and the address of the event. This is all the information required for your guest to attend at the right place and time.

Finally, you can also add photos to make the card even more personal. To do this, simply click the “Insert” tab at the top of your screen and press the “Picture” option below.
Now you have the perfect card to get all your friends and family under one roof during the holidays!

Why You Should Use the Simple Holiday Invitation Sheet

By using this template you have the freedom to express your creativity this holiday season. You can easily impress all your friends and family by making your own holiday invitations, instead of wasting time and money on a generic card at the store. Not only is the template free but it gives you a way to make personalized invitations quickly and easily. Spread the spirit of the season by getting this template today!

Make a personalized holiday invitation with this template!

Download: Simple Holiday Invitation Sheet