Simple Budget Template


Screenshot of the Simple Budget Template

Debt has consumed many of our lives. Sometimes it’s due to no fault of our own like unexpected medical bills or a job loss. What’s important is that we start to take control of our finances and get ourselves back on track. The best beginning to do so is by creating a budget for ourselves and sticking to it. It’s always best to have a plan. Once you write something down you have access to go back and view it. Stating a specific budget you will stick to does no good because you have nothing holding you accountable. A Simple Budget Template is the accountability you need.

A Simple Budget Template is easy to use. Once you have your information filled in this customizable Excel spreadsheet you just need to stick it out. This is a great budgeting tool and it’s free. Just download the template here and start planning your new budget. It’s a very simple process.

How to Use the Simple Budget Template

  • The first step is to enter all of your monthly income amounts that you wish to consider.
  • Next, scroll down and enter your monthly expenses.
  • As you are updating the Simple Budget Template you will notice the summary section automatically adjusts. The percentage of income adjusts as well.
  • Once you are done with your updates the bar chart will show you a comparison of your income to expenses and the difference will appear above.

Tips for Using the Simple Budget Template

  • If a category does not pertain to you, type over the information.
  • If you need additional space under the income section, go to the last cell and press the “Tab” key on your keyboard. This will expand the column down for you.
  • If you need additional space under the expense section, hit the enter key in the last cell and it will auto generate a new line.
  • Use the Auto Filter to sort your index alphabetically or from the lowest expense to highest.
  • To change the name of the Simple Monthly Budget click into the text and call it what you would like.
  • For this to work start off by making realistic budgets. Most people will not be able to instantly go from a $300 entertainment budget to a $50 budget.

The Simple Budget Template found here is your first step to keeping your budget in check.

Download: Simple Budget Template