Shipping Label Template


Free Shipping Label Template

Entrepreneurs, small businesses or growing companies will be thrilled to have an easier way to generate shipping labels for all exports. The Shipping Label template is not only one of the easiest ways to customize one’s own shipping label, but it’s smart, has a professional appeal, and eliminates stress with its cool design and completion process that takes merely minutes.

What’s more, this Shipping Label template adds the professional touch that is essential for the overall success of any business seeking to expand their clientele beyond local borders.

Using the Shipping Label Template

The Shipping Label template features up to six shipping labels to be printed at once. The default color choice is black font and design over a white background. The shipping label template hosts labels for a 3 1/3 ” by 4″ size, which is the standard for most shipping label generators.

To get started, users need to have Microsoft Word 2003 or a later version to run this template program. Once installed, the Shipping Label template can be downloaded free of charge from this page. Within seconds, the template opens immediately on the required platform and is ready for easy customization and formatting.

To complete the Shipping Label template, do the following:

  • The shipping label features a white house in black background as the icon for the business. Above, the user must fill out the name of the company.
  • Follow the company name with the address for easy inquiries and returns.
  • Next, the user will then proceed to fill in the necessary information of the client to whom is receiving the package. The information will be the same as the user information above.
  • Once complete, generate the shipping labels and save the sheet for records.

By saving the shipping labels in an easy to access folder, the user can then easily reprint out as many as required for the future orders of the same client.

Extra Custom tips are the following:

  1. Of course, color schemes and font can change, depending on the preference of the company.
  2. Make sure to give the company name reasonable attention with a strong bold heading font.
  3. Avoid using font too small or in cursive, as this might confuse or delay the correct destination of the package.
  4. If the company covers shipping on specific orders, users can generate return labels for their clientele and email them in seconds.

Download: Shipping Label Template