Service Quote Template


Free Service Quote Template

Anyone that operates their own business will understand the importance of giving a customer a professional looking quote. You can use this service quote template to quickly jot down some figures that will be relevant to the customers interests. This is perfect for working professionals who may not have time to create their own template from scratch. This guide will cover some of the basics behind using this service quote template for whatever business operation you may run.

Downloading the Service Quote Template

One of the things you will note is that this template is completely free for anyone to download straight from their computer. It is very easy to do this, just save it right from the website to your computer. You can then use it as many times as you need to service all of your customer’s billing needs. The template is customizable as well, though it should already have most of everything that you would need to write up a quote for a service that you have rendered.

You will want to pay attention to a few key things on this kind of service quote template. There is a helpful space to write out the customers name, so there is no confusion about who is receiving the bill. You should have the customer sign the invoice to make sure that they acknowledge the fees that you are charging. You may also want to make two copies of this document so you may each have your own.

Tips for Customizing the Service Quote Template

There are many different things you may want to add or subtract from this document while you customize it. Remember that you can get this for free by downloading the service quote template. Once you have it, feel free to customize it all you want. It is quite easy to manage and incorporate what you need into it.

Make sure you include these items:

  • Services rendered
  • Itemized billing
  • Due date
  • Signature space
  • Total due, with sales tax added

Finally, you will want to make sure that you put your own company information on this invoice. It will make it clear to the customer who provided the services that they will be paying for using this document. You can also include your company contact information, should they have any questions about the billing.

Download: Service Quote Template