Server Configuration Template


Screenshot of the Server Configuration Template

Setting up a server and mapping the configuration is chore enough without having to configure the document. Using the Server Configuration Template makes the job of creating the document as simple as pointing and clicking. Print off multiple copies for the whole IT team or to post near any hardware which may need to utilize the configuration information.

How to Use the Server Configuration Template

You can get started right away by downloading the template for free on this page. The template is designed for use with Visio 2007 or later and is meant for mapping a Microsoft Server Configuration.

  • Download the Server Configuration Template for free. The link is here on this page.
  • Use the box on the left to identify hardware. Click on each box to add your own names and numbers for each CPU, Network, Storage area, Networks, and Ram. Notice there are areas for the SAN and TAN connections as well as any printers.
  • Use the table on the right to specify the configuration information for the hardware in the network. It is easy to click and personalize each item.
  • The Server Configuration Template is completely customizable. Add or delete icons or lines in the table to accurately describe your network.

Tips for Using the Server Configuration Template

Visio makes it easy to see at a glance just what your network is all about:

  • You can take photos of your actual server hardware to put it in place of the provided image for ultimate accuracy.
  • Use the sample configuration to remind you off all the components of your network. It can serve as a sort of checklist to keep you organized and thorough. If you are running multiple networks, the template makes it easy to stay consistent in the way you document the set up and also allows you to customize your configuration paperwork so that you can keep organized.
  • Networks change and grow constantly. Adding printers, replacing broken or out of date CPUs, and adjusting memory capabilities happen all too frequently. With the template you can quickly and easily update your configuration whenever things change without resorting to a complete do-over.

Download: Server Configuration Template