Secretary Resume Template


A good Secretary Resume Template can help you get a job in no time. There is one available here for download that is quick and easy to use. There is also a step by step guide on how to change the template into your resume and some tips that will help your resume stand out in a crowd.

How to Use the Secretary Resume Template

After you download the Secretary Resume Template, it will open in any software that works with Microsoft Word 2003. The first bit of information that you can replace is your personal information. There is a spot for your full name, your address, as well as a contact phone number and e-mail address. The Objective section can be left the way it is unless your objective is different than the one provided.

The Skills section has bullet points to enter some different job related skills you have. The Experience section leaves you space to enter a couple of previous employers and information about what you did for those companies. The education section is a general outline of the schools you attended and the diplomas and degrees that you may have received. The References section can be left the way it is unless you want to add them at this point.

Tips on Using the Secretary Resume Template

When filling out the Skills section, focus on skills that will help you as a secretary. Your typing speed, software you are familiar with, and technology that you are accustomed to using are all important factors. They want someone that does not need much training and will find someone that is very comfortable in the position that is open.

The less training a person needs, the better it is for the company that is hiring them. Make sure to try to add anything you can think of that would help you perform the job that you are applying for. In the experience section, use related jobs and focus on tasks that you performed that would coincide with the job you want.

The Secretary Resume Template that is available here for download is so easy to use. You will have your resume ready in no time and have your new job just as quickly. Highlight your talents and experience so that the employers know that you mean business.

Download: Secretary Resume Template