Science Fair Template


Photo of the Science Fair Template

If you are a parent sometimes you may think you were back in school yourself. It may seem like ages since you were in school completing Math, English, and Science homework. Your kids however think you may be too old for most things but you are the first they run to for help with their major school assignments. If you are presented with an opportunity to help with their Science Fair, don’t fret. It’s not as hard with this Science Fair Template.

How to Use the Science Fair Template

This template is so easy to follow and use. Education is not always expensive with the help of this free Science Fair Template. Go ahead and download this template and start customizing it in PowerPoint.

  • Once you have the template open you are at the beginning of the presentation. It starts off with the title Science Fair Project and you can change this if you’d like. Next, your child will enter their project name, their name, their teacher’s name, and the name of the school.
  • Progressing to the next slide is the Statement of the Problem. This is what the experiment is all about.
  • Slide 3 is an overview of the project while slide 4 is the research performed.
  • The next slide is very important – the variables, Controlled, Independent, and Dependent. Note how this template is set up to explain the different types of variables.
  • The 6th sldie is the hypothesis which is the answer to the problem.
  • The next 2 slides are a listing of materials needed and the steps to complete your experiment.
  • The 9th slide is the Data and Observations. This slide does well to input a table, graph, or other object that can explain your findings.
  • The 10th slide briefly summarizes what happened.
  • The last site is the Works Cited page. Be sure to credit any sources used in this experiment.

Tips for Using the Science Fair Template

  • To change the background or add pictures to each slide select View and then Master and finally Slide Master.
  • Take pictures of the experiment as you go to add more in depth visuals to the slideshow.
  • You can add notes at the bottom of each slide to further clarify any bullet points.

The Science Fair Template found here takes the worry out of putting together a proper and fun scientific presentation.

Download: Science Fair Template