School Supplies Checklist


Free School Supplies Checklist

A school supplies checklist is needed before the start of each school year. This way, if any new changes need to be made to the list, they can be done. Parents will look for these lists before school starts to ensure their child or children have everything they need.

The school supplies checklist is available for free on this page. It is customizable so that the individual using it can change it to fit their needs. The template is absolutely easy to use and can be downloaded right here from this site.

How to Make a School Supplies Checklist

  • First, the list needs to have all the grades listed that are going to be on the list. For example, if this is for an elementary school, the list will need to have the grades from preschool through fifth grade.
  • Next, the teachers, from the same grade level, will need to collaborate and figure what supplies are needed for the new school year. Once the supplies have been figured, they need to be turned into the individual making up the list.
  • Once the lists have been turned in, the individual will need to put them with each grade. They will start out with the Preschool list and work their way through fifth grade

Tips For Using the School Supplies Checklist

  • Be sure to stay organized, this way the list will ensure to have everything listed that is needed.
  • Also, use bullet points by each item to ensure they are easy to read.
  • You will need to put the number of items needed, next to that item. This way the person shopping for the child will know how much of that item they will need to get.
  • If there are extracurricular activity classes that need supplies, they should be listed on the school supplies checklist. They can be put under as music, PE, or any other name that it is. Often they will have the boys bring one item and the girls bring another item. This makes it easier for the parent to see what they will need to pick up.

Download: School Supplies Checklist