School Event Flyer Template


Screenshot of the School Event Flyer Template

School events boost school spirit, provide fundraising opportunities, increase community involvement and afford enrichment activities to students. It takes some work to get the word out ensuring a good crowd. What fun is a school dance where no one shows up? Use the customizable School Event Flyer Template to advertise school events.

Why Use the School Event Flyer Template?

Use the template to save time and money. Further, use it to increase school recognition through a uniform format in all event communication. Lastly, use it to increase student safety. Sadly, too many incidents of “unauthorized flyers” across the country have led to many districts implementing policies requiring event flyers to be approved by the administration beforehand. The free downloadable template allows everyone to be on the same page.

How to Use the School Event Flyer Template

  • First, after downloading and saving, enter information and graphics that will remain the same. These are things like school name, contact information, location and so forth.
  • Second, communicate with staff and students that this is the template that will be used and who flyers should be submitted to for approval.
  • Third, insert and save an approval signature line. Event flyers, once approved as evidenced by an authorized signature, can then be printed. The template allows for multiple sizes of paper. Consider using smaller sizes to reduce costs over the school year.

Tips for Using the School Event Flyer Template

  • First, use it as a teaching tool. Creating flyers is a great way for students to learn concepts related to English Language Arts. Using technology in classrooms is the law under IDEA. The school event flyer template affords teachers a free way to bring technology with real life applications into classrooms.
  • Second, save one flyer from every event. At the end of the year, it’s a great resource. Use them to help compare what worked and what didn’t when planning for the next year.
  • Lastly, be sure to get them in the public eye. Consider adding links to current event flyers on the school webpage. Be sure to post in prominent places such as bulletin boards in the cafeteria, libraries, and computer labs. Remember, post in approved locations only. Update routinely.

Use the School Event Flyer Template to get great looking flyers, teach useful skills and increase communication for your school, parents, staff and students.

Download: School Event Flyer Template