School Calendar Template


The School Calendar Template available for download on this page can help you keep yourself organized with all the appointments and obligations that will be filling up your calendar. It is very easy to use and can be customized to any school. Here’s a little information on how to use the template and a couple of tips that will help in the long run.

How to Use the School Calendar Template

When you download the School Event Calendar to your computer and open it, it should be executed in any Visio 2003 compatible software that is installed on your computer. When it opens, you will see some things that you can customize to make the school calendar unique. You can add the schools logo in the top left corner of the document. Below that, you can change our school to the name of the school as well.

There is also an area to the left side that you can add information about anything. You can change the year and month that are at the top of the calendar to the month that you want to make it out for. You can also change School to the name of your school if you like. On the dates, you can start entering information for whatever is scheduled. Add as much or as little information you want about each event. After you have filled in the calendar, you are ready to print it out unless you wish to customize it even more.

Tips for Using the School Calendar Template

You can change the background color of the School Calendar Template if you like to something that better suits your school. The picture in the top left can be changed as well or just deleted after you add your logo to show it off better. You can easily go between months with this template and plan out any events that you know of as they come up. You will then have the calender filled up to that point when the month changes and not have to enter all of that information at once.

The School Calendar Template is available here for you to download and you can use it any way you want. It is easy to customize and add all the events quickly. Make sure to keep this handy when the school year comes back around.

Download: School Calendar Template