School Bus Seating Chart


Free School Bus Seating Chart

If you are a bus driver, a teacher, a group leader or simply someone who often finds themselves on a bus, you know how hectic the seating situation on a bus can soon become. What if there was a way to ease the stress and organize people? There is, and we have a template that will help you do just that. With the school bus seating chart, a lot of the stress and worry can be taken out of seating people or children for long trips. By implementing a school bus seating chart, teachers, school bus drivers and trip organizers can create a harmonious bus ecosystem by just filling in a few spaces.

How to Use the School Bus Seating Chart

  • First, decide whether or not you want to type in the information and keep it permanent, or leave it blank in order to write in and make changes to the chart. Once you’ve decided, print it off.
  • If you’ve opted to write the information in by hand, start doing so. Consider who will be where, and for what reasons. What would work the best? Feel free to use multiple copies to create different scenarios and come up with a good game plan. Fill in the names of passengers, the driver, and the route this particular school bus seating chart is for.

Tips for Using the School Bus Seating Chart

  • If filling in blanks by hand, use a pencil so that you can change names if need be.
  • Consider who you are dealing with. If it is young children, be cognizant of who might do better with less supervision and place them towards the back. If there is an unruly troublemaker, place them in the front of the bus. This chart will help you remember these important decisions.
  • If the bus is being used for a team-building activity or business retreat, place passengers next to people they maybe don’t know.
  • Don’t forget to fill in the route for organizational purposes, and so you don’t forget which bus what chart was for.

When taking groups of people on a bus, or children on a field trip, having a chart handy will help dispel arguments, hurt feelings and fights. If there is any question, just whip out your handy chart and let it take care of the rest.

Download: School Bus Seating Chart