Scholarship Award Template


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The Easy-to-Use Scholarship Award Template

The Scholarship Award Template available for download on this page is easy to use and you can fully customize it any way you want. It would be a great way to let the recipient know that they had won the scholarship at your next awards ceremony. Here is a look at how to use it and a couple tips that might help you in the future.

How to Use The Scholarship Award Template

When you download the file it should open in any PowerPoint 2003 compatible software. There really is not too much to add to this template to make it ready to print out. First, you will simply delete the text Click to add a title and place the name of the awards recipient in its place. After that you will add a little bit about what scholarship was won and the reasons that the individual was chosen over all other applicants. Now, you are ready to print the document out and use it. If you wish to make some customizations to it as well then you should read on in the tips.

Tips on Using the Scholarship Award Template

If you save this Scholarship Award Template to your computer, you can reuse it the next year or use it for multiple scholarships the same year that have different information on each. If you have a digital copy of the schools mascot or the company’s logo that is is associate with the scholarship, that would add a very personalized look to the award. Possibly even inserting a picture of the student who has gotten the award and laminating it to show off in the future. Any way you choose to use it is fine. Change it to best fit the occasion and the circumstances and the awards will be appreciated by those who get them.

The Scholarship Award Template is so easy to use and can be customized very quickly and easily to be even more memorable. Just use the download below and edit it to your hearts content. The students will be excited by these awards and remember receiving them for years to come.

Download: Scholarship Award Template