Save the Date Template


Photo of the Save the Date Template

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan a wedding. Planning often starts months or even more than a year before the wedding. Sending guests a Save the Date card is the perfect way to let your guests know when to plan on coming to your wedding before it is time to send the formal invitation.

Using a Save the Date Template can save you time and money. The template is available to download for free and it is easy to use. Customization of the template allows you to add your own picture and information so that the template can fit your needs.

How to use the Save the Date Template

  • First, add your personalized information. You will want to include your wedding date, the Bride’s Name, the Groom’s name, and the town and state where the wedding will take place.
  • Second, include a personalized picture of the bride and the groom on the invitation. Include a picture that was professionally taken by a photographer, or use one of your own favorite pictures.
  • Third, print the cards out on your home printer, and then send them to all of your guests. Printing the cards on photo paper with photo ink will provide a professional look.

Tips for Using the Save the Date Template

  • First, using a professional printer company can save you time once you have customized your design. The Save the Date cards will look more professional without paying someone to design one for you.
  • Second, You can customize the template however you want. You can change the picture of the budding rose, and you can add your own personalized message. The font and size of the writing can be changed to personalize the cards.
  • Third, You can have your design printed on more than just a regular card. The Save the Date Template can be printed into different size cards refrigerator magnets, and use engraved writing.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Using the Save the Date Template can save you time so that you can spend more time planning the details of your wedding day.

Download: Save the Date Template