Sample Inventory Sheet


Free Sample Inventory Sheet

Managing a business comes with a long list of things a manager needs to worry about and near the top of that list is keeping track of company resources. This sample inventory sheet removes some of the more mundane and tedious tasks, and allows for management to focus on more important tasks.

How to Use the Sample Inventory Sheet

This sample inventory sheet is easy to use, completely free and available for download right here on this page. The heading of it contains fields to input important information such as the business address, the date, the department filling out the form and who the form was filled out by. After filling out these fields, the person can then see the five columns. There are fields available to enter the inventory number of an item, its description, the purchase price, quantity purchased and the location of the transaction.

Further, while forms of this nature are not particularly exciting, they are still an extension of the company using them and to allow for individuality, this template is very customizable to suit the needs of any business.

Customizing the Sample Inventory Sheet

With customization in mind, some things to consider when utilizing this easy-to-use template are the many different ways it can be leveraged to fit the needs of a given task.

Some examples of features to be added or changed are:

  • Adding numbers down the side of the template to keep track of the order items are in, along with still being able to enter the inventory number for said item.
  • While it may work for most instances, there will be times when the description field may need to be larger. In these cases, one may want to consider having less rows, while making each individual row larger.
  • The fields at the top of the form are handy when the form is being used for different reasons, but for those that use the form for the same task, these fields can be filled in with that information to remain consistent.

What are you waiting for? Save yourself some time and try out this sample inventory sheet now.

Download: Sample Inventory Sheet