Sales Report Template


It is important for a company to keep track of the customers who purchase and the products in which they buy. With this easy to use and fully customizable Sales Report Template available here for download, your information will be kept all in one place for easy access.

How to Use the Sales Report Template

The first step in using the Sales Report Template is inputting the items that you are selling. Under the heading product in column A, you can add the various different products that you sell. You will need to input each item once and the document will group together different sales of the same product when you enter the same name again.

The second step is to put the name of the person who purchased the products. After you have put the name of the consumer in column B, column C, D, E, and F all focus on different quarters in which the items were bought. Input the dollar amount in the correct column and continue filling out the document until all sales have been documented.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet, a grand total for all sales will show up. When the item name is collapsed, showing no customer names, the total for sales for that item shows to the right of the name.

Tips for Using the Sales Report Template

You can make use of the running totals to figure out which items have sold better at what times by comparing them all side by side. Each quarter shows the sales of each item, and all the items together. This makes for an easy and quick comparison after you have input all the data.

It is a good idea to start this list at the beginning of the year and as you make sales, input the data. You can see the sales grow over time and will not have to input a huge amount of data at a later time.

By utilizing the information that the Sales Report Template calculates for you, you can easily see what items are selling well and what the total amount of sales for all products has been. This template is available for download here and can be used in any sales environment to keep a running tab of the information you need.

Download: Sales Report Template