Sales Proposal Template


Screenshot of the Sales Proposal Template

The Sales Proposal Template is an excellent tool to have if you are planning a sales presentation. The template is downloadable in PowerPoint, and has sixteen sample slides to make up the presentation. This template includes SmartArt graphics and chart tools.

The Sales Proposal Template is completely free and easy to download. All of the slides in the PowerPoint presentation are customizable to your own needs.

Using the Sales Proposal Template

The executive summary sample slide has sections to add the concept, the opportunity and the potential for your sales proposal.

The next slide of the Sales Proposal Template can be tailored to the agenda for the presentation. In this slide, you will add some topics that you will be covering, such as a review of current products and profits, sales and marketing needs, etc.

For showing your current products, there is a slide template that you can tailor to show the products that your company is currently selling.

Previous year profits can be highlighted on the next slide of the template. This will give your presentation solid financial background information.

Slide six will show your sales research. This slide will highlight important information about your sales projections for the coming year.

Moving on to slide 7 of the Sales Proposal Template you will be able to add information regarding your proposal for new products. Here, you can enter details of your new products.

The next slide is a template for your cost of return on investments. The template shows a graph which you can tailor to your own ROI data.

There is a template for terms and conditions on slide 9. On the terms and conditions template the data can be broken down into five separate text boxes or more or less depending on how you want to present the data.

Slides 10 and 11 cover strategy and schedule. Strategy is broken down into bullet points, as many as you need. For the sales proposal schedule, you can present a timeline of text boxes.

The final slides will be presenting sales and marketing needs for the sales proposal. The final slide will cover questions and answers.

The Sales Proposal Template for excel is a remarkable and professional tool that you will be confident to use to organize your data for your upcoming sales proposal.

Download: Sales Proposal Template