Sales Pipeline Template


Free Sales Pipeline Template

The sales pipeline concept has been around for a while and it remains popular because it is so effective at showing how your sales force is doing in several ways. One of the best uses of sales pipeline data is to flow the opportunities through the different phases of the sales cycle and return a funnel that shows how the success rates at each step narrow over time. A good manager can tell almost instantly using this type of analysis tool what the relative health of their sales effort is within the organization. The sales pipeline template is available for download for free from this page. It can be easily customized to allow you to put your own labeling and sales cycle phase information in.

How to Use the Sales Pipeline Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • Open the sales pipeline template in Excel and make any customizations before starting to add your sales numbers in to match the chart.
  • After you have entered all of your sales information in view the funnel to the right to make sure that the look is accurate.

Tips for Using the Sales Pipeline Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • If you have several campaigns, you can copy the sales pipeline template to another worksheet and start adding information for each campaign. You can then create another copy and set the cells in the master sheet to sum the totals of the other sheets so that the master copy shows a sales funnel for all of your data.
  • If you would like to change the colors of the sales funnel, you can select them individually and right click. The template properties can then be selected and the colors can be changed.
  • You can also change the unqualified column to another type of column by changing the name and then reformatting the cells. The new column might be something more along the lines of a dollar amount.
  • Another number that you can look at is a modified prospects count. In most sales organizations prospects are qualified by degree of probability that they will purchase something in the near future. The best prospects are often known as ‘hot’ prospects. If the ‘hot’ prospects are few and far between, it will throw your numbers off if you compare it to a campaign where there are a lot more hot prospects percentage-wise. Paring or norming the prospects number before you start entering your sales data is critical.

Download: Sales Pipeline Template