Sales Letter Template


The Sales Letter Template in Outlook is a tool to help you tailor a sales letter so that you can successfully target your audience, and grab your customer’s attention. The template is completely free and downloadable. The template can be customized and used effectively for your own business needs.

Using the Sales Letter Template

The Sales Letter Template gives you a draft of how a sales letter should read. The letter addresses the customer by name and uses a fun and interesting topic to catch the reader’s attention.

The Sales Letter Template is used to draw your customer’s attention to why they would need the product , and why it would save them time, money etc.

Using the template to draft your sales letter saves you time in creating a catchy way to get your customer’s attention. Rather than sitting at your desk trying to come up with the perfect sales letter, you already have a draft that just needs some minor changes tailored to your needs.

The email sales letter can be customized to address each customer personally, or a generic greeting can be created so that an email blast can be sent to your potential customer base.

The sales letter can be also customized to paste pictures or photos. The sales letter could be used for seasonal greetings throughout the year. For future reference, you can copy and paste the different formats of the sales letter to folders on your desktop.

If your sales increase after a particular mailing, you will have a record of what type of sales letter draws the most attention from your customers. If you promote a sale or special offer be sure to measure your results of the sales letter that you have just sent out.

With a catchy and irresistible header for your email your customers will always open the targeted email. They will read about your product and you can direct them to your website for ordering the product or provide phone numbers and contact emails.

Always make it as easy as possible for your customers to reach you.

The customizable Sales Letter Template is an excellent tool for you and your business. Staying ahead of your competition should always be your number one priority. Using the Sales Letter Template as a marketing tool can draw a large crowd of potential customers to your store or website.

Download: Sales Letter Template