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Sales Lead Template Free

Any company depending on sales to generate revenue is going to have leads. This includes accumulating information such as the chance of making a sale and all related contact information to make it easier to further target those leads most likely to become conversions. These days, blindly pursuing any lead can waste resources that could be effectively used elsewhere. This is especially relevant as business budgets become tighter. Effectively collecting and accessing such data plays a key role in planning more cost-effective marketing strategies. A sales lead template allows for more convenient tracking of relevant information to make more efficient business decisions.

How to Start Using the Sales Lead Template

The template found on this page is absolutely free. It can be conveniently customized to various campaigns. Once a campaign is over, the sales lead template can be saved and archived for reference purposes or updated for the next period or campaign. There are three simple steps involved with using this customizable, easy-to-use sales lead template:

  • Fill in the customizable fields (company name, date)
  • Fill in any existing leads and the related information in the adjacent fields.
  • Add any addition fields relevant to the data you wish to track and delete any fields not likely to be used.

Note: A subtitle may be added after “Detailed Sales Lead Tracker” to reference a specific campaign, especially if multiple campaigns are being tracked for the same period.

Tips for Effectively Using the Sales Lead Template

This form can be further personalized by deleting fields that won’t be used and adding extra fields. Once information is added, the figures will automatically be calculated, which increases the accuracy of the data provided with this sales lead template. The information gathered in each sales lead template can serve many purposes, including:

  • For inclusion in monthly or quarterly forecasts and annual reports
  • In conjunction with related templates to determine the effectiveness of each campaign
  • As a way to effectively compare previous data with current data
  • Eliminating unnecessary paperwork by consolidating information

Getting organized when it comes to leads makes it easy to move resources to places where they are more likely to be effective. Leads that prove to be successful conversions can be further targeted with follow-up campaigns. Anything that can make gathering and tracking information easier is certainly welcome news to any company looking to maintain an edge over the competition.

Download: Sales Lead Template