Sales Lead Sheet Template


Free Sales Lead Sheet Template

The Sales Lead Sheet Template presents an opportunity to get organized and stay on task. Whether that task is the daily sales quota requirement or the listing of supporters and potential supporters for a non-profit, knowing who the contacts are, what their sales potential is in relationship to the sales goal is all part of the “being organized” process.

The Sales Lead Sheet Template is available free. The ability to customize is a key feature and allow its use in any situation. Start getting organized now and download this easy-to-use Sales Leads Tracker now.

Tips for Using the Sales Lead Sheet Template

  • Although each column of the Sales Lead Sheet Template can be renamed to fit a particular set of clients or targets, column one to the left is a good starting point for the client names. This can be altered to list the clients in alphabetical order.
  • Column two contains a place for listing the contact name. As column one may contain the client’s company, column two will contain the actual contact for presentation and closing purposes. In situations where the use of multiple sheets are needed, column two can be key to getting the right person on the phone.
  • Columns 3, 4, and 5 displayed here are the easy to customize portions of the template. Lead source, type and region are set to apply if needed. It may be important to maintain the source of a particular sales lead for commission purposes. These columns can be renamed to something more applicable to the situation.
  • The final columns can be used to indicate the financial potential for each client. Suggested listings are indicated here, but equally important would be to list the contract amount proposed to each client in the appropriate column with a total listing for each.
  • With each column customized, add the company logo, or the account executive information at the top and save the new template.

Documenting the work and keeping up with the leads is an important part of the sales process. The Sales Lead Sheet Template will make the process fast and the information easy to find.

Download: Sales Lead Sheet Template