Sales Effectiveness Survey


Free Sales Effectiveness Survey

The sales effectiveness survey template is intended to assist the sales managers and supervisors to verify how much of their company’s success derives from each department and which employee has the best salesmanship. Every employee puts forth a unique sales pitch that will show positively or negatively when the template is implemented. When looking over the sales effectiveness survey, the viewer is able to see what needs to be done in order to improve sales, who has the most potential, and what needs to be reworked within the store in order to achieve the greatest sales and customer loyalty.

How to Use the Sales Effectiveness Survey Template

The sales effectiveness survey can be conducted as often as the company or manager of a business feels that there is a need. When the survey is conducted, the results can be compared to the past results. These results will show how the sales have either improved or have become hindered by the changes that have been implemented. Those in charge will then decide what needs to be done to keep the sales improving or what changes need to be made in order to go back to the prior accomplished sales. The template will help businesses look at the weaknesses of sale areas and show what needs to be changed and what needs to continue within the business.

To fill out a template, those in sales will have to be surveyed and documented on the technique’s being used while engaging with the customers. Total sales by each member of the sales team are calculated and entered onto the template by their name but in a different column. The performance, goals, and activities of each sales team member are also documented. A review of these items will be taken again and the two will be compared in order to see what has worked and what still needs work. The sales effectiveness survey is a great tool that can be downloaded from this page. It is free of charge, customizable, and easy to use.

The basic elements of the sales effectiveness survey are as follows:

  • The prospects to be gained by those within the sales group
  • Accomplishments made by those within sales department
  • The proceeds produced by the endeavors of those within the sales department
  • The earnings achieved as a consequence of the assignment
  • Ideas to increase sales are gathered and welcomed.
  • Ways for improvement are made welcome.

Download: Sales Effectiveness Survey