Sales Call Checklist


Free Sales Call Checklist

Sales calls are an integral part of making money for most companies. Failure to succeed on the phone could mean lost business and lost revenue. You can be more successful on your next call with help from the sales call checklist. The sales call checklist can be downloaded for free by clicking the link located on this page. Download the template today!

Using the Microsoft Sales Call Checklist

The sales call checklist is a three-page Microsoft Word document. All fields in the sales call checklist can be filled either by hand or via your keyboard. Once the template has been downloaded, you can save it to your computer’s hard drive. In the event you fail or forget to save the sales call checklist, you can return to this page and download it again. There are no limits to the amount of times you can download the checklist from this page.

The first page of the sales call checklist is a simple cover page. Here, you can add your company’s name and logo. You can also add the date the checklist was created, as well as who created it.

The second page of the sales call checklist includes all the things you will want to cover during a sales call. These subjects include the account details, call purpose and expected outcome, customer participates, our company participants, the planned agenda, the competitive issues and obstacles, and the required resources and advance preparation.

The second page also includes examples of how to properly fill out the checklist. You can use this page as a guide for the third page of the checklist, which is identical to the second page except it is completely blank. Once you have filled out the checklist to your liking, print it off and deliver it to those that will be making the sales calls.

The template is completely customizable and can be altered in any way that would better suit your business or company.

Your next sales call can be more effective and efficient with the sales call checklist from Microsoft. Download the sales call checklist for free today!

Download: Sales Call Checklist