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Free Return Address Labels

With the increased popularity of e-mail today, it is no wonder that getting a piece of physical mail is a truly positive feeling. However, constantly writing out return addresses on holiday cards, wedding invitations, or thank you notes can get a bit exhausting. These return address labels solve that problem by allowing you to simply stick a brightly colored and attractive label right on an envelope. Another great reason to use these return address labels is to show off some personality and make a handwritten letter or note appear more professional. They make traditional letters look special and are ideal for wedding invitations or other bulk mailings in particular.

How to Use this Return Address Labels Template

It is so easy to use this template. Simply click to download the return address labels template right from this website. It will download quickly then you can open it up in Microsoft Word. From here, it is truly easy to customize the information by adding in your name, address, city, state, and zip code in the space provided. The images are already right there for you so you do not have to do anything with them. Once you have tried out different fonts and colors to decide what you like, simply print them out onto label paper. Label paper can be purchased inexpensively at many stores, but you can also use regular paper and just stick them on with tape or glue.

Tips for Using this Return Address Labels Template

  • One tip for using this template is to select a font that is easy to read so the mailman as well as the recipient can quickly determine the return address if necessary.
  • Another helpful hint is to try using different colors of label paper. It looks great on just about any color so try using white, off-white, or even brighter colors for fun and different looks.
  • If you are mailing out invitations and plan to include an RSVP card then insert these return address mailing labels right on the envelopes to make it easy for guests to reply.
  • When creating these labels, try your name in different ways to see which you like best. For instance, maybe you want to use Mr. or Mrs. before it or maybe you want to just use your first initial. Either way, try some different layouts to find the one you like best.

Download: Return Address Labels