Retirement Planner Spreadsheet


Screenshot of the Retirement Planner Spreadsheet

Planning for retirement can be a time of heightened fear and worry, but by controlling one’s own retirement, those next years can become secure and blissful. A crucial element to planning one’s own retirement is managing finances, which can become expensive if you decide to outsource this to somebody else. By having a simple Retirement Planner Spreadsheet, anybody can manage their own finances and have the comfort and control of envisioning a relaxed and pleasant future, without having to rely on others.

Downloading this free spreadsheet, anybody can customize their retirement in Excel in an easy to use and convenient format. The dread behind planning for retirement can become simple and carefree by developing a solid plan with this Retirement Planner Spreadsheet.

Retirement Planner Spreadsheet Instructions:

  • First, to begin using your spreadsheet, start by inputting your own personal data in the section under “Input”, changing the sample data to reflect your own unique situation and planning goals.
  • Secondly, you can begin to include information about your savings, pensions, and any investments you might have. Try and have accurate figures based on what records you keep, but it is possible to use estimates, just be aware that your resulting information reflect that.
  • Finally, after entering all the data, look through the charts, graphs and information. You can go over the document and realize strength and flaws in your plan, and begin to plan accordingly.

Retirement Planner Spreadsheet Tips:

  • This Retirement Planner Spreadsheet allows you to study information through text and visuals. Changing the information will dynamically change the graphs and charts.
  • The Cone of Uncertainty accounts for unexpected events and changes to retirement plans. While it is possible that your plans can always change many years into the future, do take account of potential flaws in your plan and try and work to further improve.
  • Try changing some of the information and experimenting with the data. Would retiring at a later point be a more realistic goal? Do you have a specific need for more investments?
  • This spreadsheet allows you the freedom to study your own finances and collectively gather complex information in a simple way. Your information and planning can provide you the reassurance as you move on to greater things. Just remember to start early and use this Retirement Planner Spreadsheet to identify your ideal path to success.

Download: Retirement Planner Spreadsheet