Resume References Template


Free Resume References Template

When applying for a new employment position, the applicant must create a professional resume. Complete the resume with a reference sheet. To get a better feel for the applicant’s work ethic and history, an employer must contact co-workers and bosses from the past. This is what a resume sheet is for; a collection of contacts who will speak on the applicant’s behalf. The Resume References Template is customizable for a professional look. It is very easy to use and maneuver through. The document is downloadable for free.

How to Use the Resume References Template Planner

  • In the column to the left of the Resume References Template, click on “your name” and type the name of whom the resume belongs to. Click on the next six sections directly underneath the name and fill out the appropriate coinciding information.
  • On the right column of the screen is References. Click on Reference’s name and change it to whom the employer can contact for a good work performance review. The next five sections directly beneath the name will be for that particular contact. Be sure the information is up to date, to include the company one was employed with at that time.
  • Follow the exact format provided under relationship. Only change the information within the brackets. State the relationship between the reference and the applicant. It could be a friend, coworker or supervisor.
  • Continue filling out the remaining two reference sections in the same manner. Use only the three most beneficial people.

Tips for Using the Resume References Template

  • When selecting references, use people who would positively assist the applicant in procuring the applied position.
  • Refrain from using family and friends, unless they were employed along with the applicant.
  • Use the Review tab to check the document to correct any spelling and grammar errors.
  • Adhere to a professional look by using New Times Roman size 12 font.

The Resume References Template is extremely easy to use. It is handy to have a printed copy for the interview and when filling out an application. The information is already collected and readily available.

Download: Resume References Template