Resignation Letter Template


screenshot of the Resignation Letter Template

In the past, most people stayed at the same job throughout their career. They worked for one company and retired after 30 years. Today, the workplace is different and people not only often change jobs, they sometimes completely change careers. One of the best pieces of advice given to job hunters is to never burn your bridges. When you are planning on leaving your job, give a reasonable notice and use the Resignation Letter Template to leave a professional and polished impression.

How to use the Resignation Letter Template

  • Using the Resignation Letter Template is easy. First, download the template, which is available at no charge on this page.
  • The template will open into a Word document. The document contains fields for personal information, such as name and address. The template also includes fields for recipient information. You simply type the data into the appropriate fields and then print it out.
  • The Resignation Letter Template can be customized if you want to make it more personal. However, if you want to send a simple, professional resignation then the template is ready to use once you have entered your information.

Tips for Using the Resignation Letter Template

  • Tell your boss that you are going to resign before you give him the resignation letter. The letter should not come as a surprise; additionally, he will appreciate the sign of respect.
  • Keep the letter brief and never put anything negative into a written resignation. The object is to leave the company on a positive note. Keep in mind a resignation letter is usually kept in your employment file and prospective employers may read it.
  • Include an offer to discuss any work that will be left outstanding and to assist in training your replacement.
  • Thank the company for the experience and opportunities you received while working for them.

Using the Resignation Letter Template will help you leave the company on a positive note. At the same time it is so easy to use that you will want to keep a copy for yourself. This sharp and professional tool is suitable for use under any circumstance and, while leaving may be painful, writing your resignation letter should not be.

Download: Resignation Letter Template