Recipe Card Template


Screenshot of the Recipe Card Template

If you have a friend or loved one who enjoys cooking you may have found recipes written down on various scrap pieces of paper. They may even have pieces of paper stuck under refrigerator magnets with a few ingredients but no instructions on how to cook the meal. Some have magazine clippings all around the home of recipes they would like to try but never remember where they placed them. Even the best chefs keep their recipes together so they may reference to them anytime and keep them organized. Having a recipe card template is the fastest and easiest way to have all of your recipes on hand when you need them.

How to Use the Recipe Card Template

The recipe card template is easy to use. It’s a customizable template to download for free on this site.

  • Once you have this template up, you can highlight the section labeled “Creating Recipe Cards with Columns” and type the recipe name there.
  • Next you can give a quick description of the recipe.
  • The next section you list the count of the ingredients on the left column. On the right side list the actual ingredients. Press tab to advance to the next line.
  • Next, list the directions to prepare the meal.

Tips for Using the Recipe Card Template

  • This can be a fun project for children to put their parent’s favorite recipes together for them.
  • You can print the recipes out in any size you’d like. You can create a recipe ring binder. Place the sheets in plastic sleeves to keep them from getting damaged from grease, liquids, or other kitchen stains.
  • To keep your printed recipe cards for an extended time, print them on cardstock and insert in a recipe file box.
  • The current print setup for this template is 6″ X 4″ but you can change the size by selecting “File” and “Page Setup”.
  • To keep an organized electronic record, set up a folder called “Recipes”. Set up subfolders each for Beef, Chicken, and Fish, or Chocolate. Another example is to set your files up by categories such as Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks.

The recipe card template found here is an excellent way to organize all of your family’s favorite recipes.

Download: Recipe Card Template