Receipt Template Word


Regardless if you are a start-up business or have been in business for a while, finding ways to save your business money and time are always noted. When dealing with transactions, it’s a must to keep accurate records. Some of your customers may need to do so as well.

The Receipt Template Word document is perfect for any business to use as an acknowledgment of cash received. Some examples could be a business office of a property management company giving a receipt of rent paid to their tenants, a sports program giving parents receipts for uniforms, or a church acknowledging a donation made.

How to Use the Receipt Template Word Document

This receipt template is very easy to use. It’s versatile and customizable for use in Word. When you need to watch your finances, having this free template to download from here just makes sense. This template has three receipts per page.

  • Once you have downloaded the Receipt Template Word document, you will see where you can fill in the date, create a record or transaction number, and input the amount that has been received.
  • You have a description field, charged to (which is who you are making the receipt out to), who received the payment, and who approved or authorized the payment.
  • If you’re going to print multiple copies of this, simply delete the “Date”, “Number” and “Amount” from the far right column.

Tips for Using the Receipt Template Word Document

  • You can change this Receipt Template to state whatever you’d like. You’ll more commonly see labeled either “Petty Cash Receipt”, “Cash Receipt”, “Payment Receipt”, “Donation Receipt” or you can keep them blank if you want to print a stack off for various uses.
  • Input your organizations logo and name into the top left corner for more personalized business forms.
  • This is great to use if you have time to get your receipts together in the system, especially if your organization uses electronic signatures. This allows you to have an electronic copy on file. You could also turn this into a PDF and email to customers.

The Receipt Template Word Document found here is a perfect form to add to your business form collection.

Download: Receipt Template Word