Receipt for Goods


Free Receipt for Goods

The Receipt for Goods template available here is a simple and yet efficient way to monitor all the goods that make their way through your business. Tracking goods is essential to keeping a close eye on your cash-flow which is an obvious must for any business. When tracking the Receipt for Goods the most important factor to consider in your form is simplicity, efficiency, trackability, and standardization. As we all know, time is money, and the template available for download is the easiest way to build a standardized tracking system for your financial records and scrutiny.

How to use the Receipt for Goods Excel Template

  • Write down who the goods were received from as well as all the data regarding your company.
  • Enter all tracking information on the right including the date, purchase order number, how the goods were paid for, which department the goods are to be sent, and an invoice number for tracking. Include all applicable information on the package itself below.
  • Mark what carrier delivered your goods, how they were delivered, and any applicable bill numbers.
  • Carefully log each and every separate item in the largest section of the Receipt for Goods form, making sure to include all notable data including quantity, a description of the item, the condition, weight, and whether it was entered (and by whom).
  • Finally, carefully log at the bottom of the form any additional details or remarks that may be useful in the future. For example, if a package is bent or broken, it would be wise to log not only the general condition, but specifics on how and where the item is damaged. Perhaps most importantly, log who the items were received by for future accountability.

Remember, time is money, and there isn’t a business out there that can afford to lose either. By using the downloadable Receipt for Goods template you’ll not only save time, you will create a simple and standardized method of tracking all the goods and materials that come through your doors. There is no other solution as simple and easy to implement.

Download: Receipt for Goods