Real Estate Brochure


Free Real Estate Brochure

The free Real Estate Brochure template on this site provides you with the foundation for a stylish, informative brochure perfect for any real estate office. Follow the instructions below to customize the template for your business needs.

Customizing the Real Estate Brochure Template

The brochure consists of six discrete sections. Descriptions of each of these sections and their associated customization information can be found below.

The Tag Line

This section of the Real Estate Brochure can be found in the upper left of the template. It contains your slogan or tag line, a brief statement that sums up your company and how it can help prospective clients.

To customize this section, simply highlight the text and type your own tag line.


The Summary section is directly below the Tag Line section. This text box contains a brief description of your company and the way it meets the needs of its clients.

To customize this section, simply highlight the text and type your summary in the text box.

Sample Properties Section

This template provides space for images and accompanying brief descriptions for four properties in an eye-catching location down the center of the brochure. To insert a picture, follow the steps below.

  • Locate the picture in Windows Explorer.
  • Drag the picture from Windows Explorer into the white text box.
  • If necessary, re-size the picture by clicking and dragging the handles on the top, corners, bottom, or sides.

Enter a brief description of the property below the picture, then repeat the steps above for each property you would like to highlight in the Real Estate Brochure.

Testimonials Section

The top right text box of the Real Estate Brochure is used for customer testimonials. To customize this section, highlight the testimonials sample text and enter your own customer testimonials.

Logo Section

To place your logo on the brochure, follow the steps below.

  • Delete the sample logo image
  • Navigate to the logo image in Windows Explorer.
  • Drag the logo from Windows Explorer onto the template.
  • Drag the handles surrounding the logo to re-size the image, if necessary.

Contact Information Section

To enter your contact information, simply highlight the text in the bottom right (phone, fax, cell, email address) and enter your own information.

Additional Tips for Using the Real Estate Brochure Template

  • You can replace the background image by deleting it, and dragging another picture into its place as described above.
  • Experiment with fonts and colors to emphasize text and attract attention.
  • Tailor your brochure to fit in with the rest of your corporate branding.

Download: Real Estate Brochure