Raffle Ticket Template


Raffles are an effective way for organizations to raise funds or simply spice up events. There is a certain mystery and an undeniable excitement in a raffle drawing. Raffles can be a straightforward way to raise funds for a non-profit organization or school group because supporters and employees alike will be quick to purchase tickets. They are also a valuable tool at events to encourage attendees to stay until the very ending of the event when the raffle takes place. Aside from the prizes, the most important thing to have in order to host an effective raffle is eye-catching tickets. Use this raffle ticket template to easily create tickets for the next raffle.

How to Use the Raffle Ticket Template in Publisher

  • First, download this completely free raffle ticket template for Microsoft Publisher. It is so easy to download the template right from this site then customize to the needs of the raffle. Since each ticket already has a unique number, all the hard work is already done.
  • Second, customize the raffle ticket so that it is specific to the event. There is enough space to include the top three raffle prizes along with the name of the organization and the event information. It is simple to add these details in Publisher.
  • Third, print out and cut the raffle tickets out. Each page in the raffle ticket template prints eight tickets which are easily cut out. They can also be folded in half based on preference as one half has a space for attendees to fill in their information by hand.
  • Fourth, distribute the raffle tickets. Be sure to have ticket holders write their information on the half of the ticket meant for this purpose then drop the tickets into a container. When it is time for the drawing, pull out a ticket and read the number to determine a winner.

Tips for Using the Raffle Ticket Template in Publisher

  • It is beneficial to have a variety of prizes to include on the raffle ticket template so they appeal to a diverse population of attendees. Many businesses or volunteers will be willing to donate prize items.
  • Plan ahead so that the raffle ticket area is well-staffed and ready with pens or pencils for guests to fill in their information. Also, be sure to have a large container.
  • Time the raffle based upon the desired results. For example, if the purpose is to keep everyone there until the end then ensure that the raffle tickets are drawn at the conclusion of the event.

Download: Raffle Ticket Template