Purchase Order Template


Instead of manually entering your data into a purchase order, you could use this Purchase Order Template to make a professional looking order form. It is easy to use and you can customize it to your company quickly. It’s instantly downloadable and absolutely free.

How to Use the Purchase Order Template

In the top left corner of the Purchase Order Template is an area to put your company’s name. Below that is a spot for your name and the city, state, and zip code. On the right side is an area to fill in shipping information including the date it is going to be shipped, terms, F.O.B., and what the items will ship by.

Below those fields are spots for information regarding the recipient. The name, email, phone number, and fax number can all be filled out. Back to the left side is an area to put the shipping address.

The last bit of information to fill out up top is the rate of sales tax. In the spreadsheet, you have a column for the quantity, the unit of quantity, a description of the item, the unit price, and the amount.

After you fill out the first four fields, the amount fills itself out based on your data. You can fill in as many items as you wish. Towards the bottom right of the spreadsheet is a subtotal that fills itself out based on the amounts. You must enter a shipping amount. The tax calculates itself as well at the total at the bottom. There is another area on the bottom left to type in the shipping address.

Tips for Using the Purchase Order Template

By updating your company’s information first and then saving the template you will have a customized template to your own business. After you complete the purchase order, you can save it in its entirety with a different name for future reference.

You can save each of your purchase orders under different names including the purchaser and the date to have them easily organized. After you have completed the purchase order, you can print it out and sign and date the bottom and give it to the customer.

With this fully customizable Purchase Order Template available here for free, you will be able to keep track of your orders quickly and easily. Try this download out and use it for all the needs of your company.

Download: Purchase Order Template