PTA Meeting Agenda


PTA Meeting Agenda Template

Both parents and teachers are accustomed to setting down rules for discussion. However, that very fact can create disorganization when trying to run a PTA meeting. When people are used to setting rules within a certain topic or domain, they often find it difficult to let other people take charge. Wise organizers will plan out a PTA meeting agenda in advance in order to keep things running smoothly. A PTA meeting agenda template allows one to set up a meeting in the most efficient way possible, and to then use it as a base on which to plan further meetings.

How to Use the PTA Meeting Agenda Template

  • First, download the free PTA meeting agenda template and save it somewhere on your computer where you’ll be able to find it later. Open the template in Microsoft Word by either double clicking it or from within Word itself.
  • Second, fill in the details specific to your PTA. These are the aspects which you will be reusing whenever setting up a new meeting. These items include the name of the school, board members and the person in charge of the meetings. You may want to save a separate copy of the PTA Meeting Agenda template with that information once it’s filled in. It’s easily modified, so any specific information or tweaks to the layout can then be reused at a later time.
  • Third, fill in the information specific to a particular meeting. Everything which will be under discussion should have some shared elements. The owner is the person who has asked that a particular item be brought up for discussion. The item is the topic they wish to discuss. And finally, the time is when the actual discussion will take place.
  • Fourth, be prepared to keep records of the meeting’s minutes within the provided minutes section. This will act as both record and summary of the events you have planned out.

Tips For Using PTA Meeting Agenda Templates

  • It’s important to remember that people have different personalities and ways of expressing themselves. Some people can be counted on to keep things short and to the point, while others have a tendency to speak at greater lengths than one might expect. Learning the style of people involved with the PTA can help one plan for how much time to allocate to them for any particular item.
  • Make your records available to other PTA members. Making the initial agenda available to PTA members is essential. One should also ensure that the records of the minutes are available as well. People are more prone to go along with a schedule if they see the positive results of doing so.
  • Back up your records in multiple locations. A child’s education may well be the most important aspect of a person’s life. By backing up the documentation in multiple ways, one ensures that even in the case of hardware failure the records will remain safe.

Download: PTA Meeting Agenda