Pros and Cons Chart


The Pros and Cons chart is one of the most essential templates that a student of any academic level should have immediate access. From freshman year at college to the final term in graduate school, a Pros and Cons Chart is at the basis of most writing assignments which are mandatory courses for more than two thirds of all majors. Writing is not limited to English degrees, but is a successful component to Law students, Government, Sociology, Psychology, History, International Studies, and many more.

This Pros and Cons chart helps students organize their thoughts, ideas and impressions on a single sheet that propels academic excellence in writing and achieving a better overall grade than students who don’t organize their paper assignments.

Using the Pros and Cons Chart

Users can download this template from this page for free, provided that they access to Microsoft Word 2007 or later. The template is super easy to use, customize and can be set up for immediate use. Therefore students can have all of their key assignment notes perfectly organized for later use. Here’s how to get started with using the template:

  • The Pros and Cons chart opens using Microsoft Word immediately after download. If this doesn’t occur on your provided PC, simply refer to your ‘recently downloaded’ file and select the template.
  • The sheet is organized with two headings: the Pros and advantages of the given subject is on the left of the page, while the Cons and disadvantages are headed on the right of the page.
  • Beneath the headings are square text boxes to be filled with up to five profound points or notes. Fill these in accordingly.
  • Be sure to save the template according to project or class with a date, so that it’s easy to relocate for later use.
  • You can print the template by selecting ‘print’ from the top of the toolbar. Or, you can email the template to a study group so that everyone can add information or review collectively.

The Pros and Cons chart can be a useful tool for teachers to hand out to students prior to an essay assignment, or, students of science majors like Biology, Chemistry, and Economics can also benefit from this tool. To customize, users can also color their text boxes or fonts to differentiate points or subjects, depending on how many sheets they intend to create, print, or share with peers.

Download: Pros and Cons Chart