Project Timeline Template


A major project, either for school or work, can feel like a puzzle without a picture. A project timeline helps to provide the picture of a project. A project timeline does this by breaking the project down into smaller parts and assigning them a place in time. The use of a project timeline template eases the construction of the puzzle picture.

How to Use a Project Timeline Template

  • First, gather the details of your project into the project timeline template. These details include the start and end dates of your project. Adjust months at the top of the template as needed with PowerPoint.
  • Second, divide your project into smaller pieces to focus on. Give each piece its own deadline. Make each piece reasonably sized. Allow some room for adjustment in the schedule.
  • Third, review your work in the template. Ask yourself if each piece makes sense it’s ordering in time. Ask if each piece is the right amount of work for the time. Be ready to change if necessary.

Tips for Using the Project Timeline Template

  • First, once the project timeline is assembled, refer to it as a guide to complete the work in a timely fashion. Remember the overall plan of attack by checking it.
  • Second, it can also be useful to layer the project timeline. Each piece of the overall timeline can also be divided and placed on a timeline of the appropriate scale such as weeks or days.
  • Third, use the project timeline and its sub-project timeline deadlines as checkpoints. Ask at each deadline how the work is progressing. Is all going according to schedule? Remember that the timeline is a guide and can be changed if necessary.

Constructing a project timeline can help a student or employee tackle a large project by breaking it down into smaller parts of work and time. The smaller parts can then be used to build the puzzle of the school or business project. The construction of the puzzle of the timeline is simplified by the use of a downloadable project timeline template!

Download: Project Timeline Template