Project Status Update Email Template


In the world of business you understand how important it is to keep your clients in the loop. You can use our Project Status Update Email Template to ensure that your clients and stakeholders can track exactly how their projects are going.

Why Use Our Project Status Update Email Template?

Our template is a quick, easy to use tool that can help you organize all of your project information. The template is available for free on this page. You no longer have to waste time attempting to arrange and organize your information in the most efficient way because the Project Status Update Email Template has done it for you.

For your added convenience this template is also customizable to Excel. This template comes with several information fields to ensure that you can plug in exactly the information your client needs to be updated on. The Project Status Update Email Template is easy to use and downloadable right here.

Tips for Using Our Project Status Update Email Template

It is very important to ensure your clients do not feel forgotten about. Often in the world of business someone will take on a project and become so engrossed in completing the project that the client himself is forgotten about momentarily. This is not a good idea, especially if it is a long term project. Regular client updates make a client feel more involved in the project and it also serves to put their mind at ease that you are doing your best work possible.

The Project Status Update Email Template is also useful for updating managers and supervisors. You can use this tool to keep your superiors informed and assured that you are on task and that your assigned projects are moving along as scheduled. Not only will this give them peace of mind concerning current projects, but it can also show them that you are a serious, professional employee.

The template is a more effective communication tool than a simple email because you can arrange information in a more visually engaging way. This ensures that those you are communicating with are sure to take note of the most important information. Often times in a simple email, individuals will skim the contents in order to save time. However, when people do this they often miss important details. When all of the information can be conveyed precisely the first time, everyone saves time and gets more accomplished.

Download: Project Status Update Email Template